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Bosch RT312-PM 12 In. Measuring Wheel with Paint Marker

  • $91.24

• Measuring wheel with a unique marking wand to easily mark while measuring
• Lasting durability with silver powder coated steel wheel
• Free-spinning wheel for easy rolling
• 5-Digit counter records up to 10,000 Ft. with counter reset button

• Weight: 3 lb
• Height: 4.75
• Length: 22.5
• Material: Powder Coated Steel

The ProMarker® combines a measuring wheel with a unique marking wand. How many times have you found yourself using a measuring wheel and need to mark your locations? To this point you've had two options: (1) carry a can of paint that requires bending to apply or (2) carry a separate spray wand with paint can loaded. In both cases your hands are filled with no way to jot down your notes, other than to lay something down. Rolatape's answer is the unique ProMarker® series with wand and stand (patent).

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