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Bosch B44506 1-11 1/2 Pipe Tap Black Oxide

Bosch B44506 1-11 1/2 Pipe Tap Black Oxide

  • $24.63

• (1) Pipe Tap Black Oxide

• Heat-treated carbon steel provides long life and clean, accurate threads
• Rolled threads provide more accuracy than machined threads
• Black oxide coating provides corrosion resistance
• Laser-etched marking ensures size identification won't wear off

• Weight: .75 lb
• Shank Diameter: 3/8"
• Corresponding Drill Size: 1-5/32"

Taps and dies designed to ensure that bolts fit tightly and anchor securely. Plug taps have three to five chamfered threads and are for general-purpose applications. Four-flute design ensures fast, easy chip clearance.