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Bosch BT 250 Aluminum Elevator Tripod

Bosch BT 250 Aluminum Elevator Tripod

  • $82.84

• (1) Aluminum Elevator Tripod

• Lightweight, heavy gauge aluminum design
• Precise graduations in centimeters/millimeters and feet/inches - to facilitate precise changes in elevation of the instrument
• Collet locks - provide firm positive locking action
• Gear and rack system - for smooth, continuous motion
• Maximum height of 98.4 In.

• Collapsed Height: 38.28 Inches
• Material: Aluminum
• Maximum Height: 98.4 Inches

The Bosch BT 250 aluminum elevator tripod is a lightweight, heavy gauge aluminum tripod. It expands from 38.28 to 98.4 inches for various application height levels. The vial indicates when the tripod is out of level while the precise graduation measurements ensure accuracy. The Bosch BT 250 has all surface rubber feet with retractable sharp metal points for added dependability. The BT 250 is versatile, durable, and dependable for all leveling applications.

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