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Bosch CCSDV08 8-Pc Impact Tough Black Oxide Drill Bits with Clip

  • $13.22

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• Black Oxide Drill Bits: (2) 1/16"
• (2) 3/32"
• (1) 1/8"
• (1) 5/32"
• (1) 3/16"
• (1) 1/4"

• Impact Tough™ bit design – impact rated for use in impact drivers
• Customizable, convenient bit clip – allows users to snap in/snap out precisely the bits that they need
• Tilt-in/tilt-out case mechanism – allows easier access to bits
• No-skate bit tips – deliver fast, easy starts and reduced bit walking
• Heat-treated bit manufacturing – provides stronger bit
• Laser marking diameters – makes finding the correct bit for the job easier
• Durable case – features a secure case latch and rubber bumpers
• Laser marking diameters makes finding the correct bit for the job easier

• Weight: 0.23 lb

The Bosch Custom Case System works with Impact Tough™ Bit clips, providing the best case for the best bits. Bosch Impact Tough™ Black Oxide Drill Bits are engineered for use in the higher torque impact drill/drivers. They provide longer life than standard drill bits, thanks to their tip design and black oxide coating. The coating provides less friction and thus less generated heat. The bits have impact-rated shanks and no-skate tips for clean starts. These bits are built for general-purpose applications. The clips snap in/snap out of the case easily for easy access to carry only the bits needed. The clips come loaded with eight drill bits and provide easy removal of the bits with tilt-in/tilt-out convenience. This customizable organization system features a durable, well-designed case to help users increase productivity by reducing time searching for the right bit.