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Bosch HB300 3"  Bi-Metal Power Change Holesaw

Bosch HB300 3" Bi-Metal Power Change Holesaw

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Bosch HB300 Specifications:
•  Diameter: 3"
•  Shank: Hex-Carded
•  Material: Bi-Metal

Bosch HB300 Features:
•  Pilot bits easily snap into the mandrel without set screws and a threadless design prevents seizing up in the mandrel. The system also features a positive lock design to minimize wobble, a common problem with conventional mandrels. The Power Change mandrel accepts any 1/4" hex shank power accessory including spade and power screwdriver bits
•  Simply snap the hole saw off the mandrel for easy plug removal. When the cup is re-attached to the mandrel, the pilot drill will push the plug out
•  Quick Change bi-metal hole saws feature Progressor Tooth Geometry, combining cutting teeth with specially designed chip-removal teeth for super-fast cutting action in metal and wood

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