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Bosch HDC300 SDS-max and Spline Dust-Collection Attachment

  • $129.00

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• Chiseling dust collection attachment
• 3 adaptor pieces
• Extension tube

• Dust-collection shroud – focuses air suction from the vacuum around the chisel for maximum dust collection
• Ski-boot style clamping band – provides easy installation and adjustment onto the hammer tube
• Adjustable metal extension arm – for easy adjustment, proper positioning and accommodation of different chisel lengths
• Rubber bumper – provides cushion on shroud tip if it contacts workpiece during chiseling applications
• Three-piece adapter set – allows installation on different-sized hammers
• 1-3/8-In. dust port – fits Bosch dust-extractor vacuum nozzles
• Optional dust-port adapters (sold separately) – can convert the dust port to 1-1/4-In. or 2-In. vacuum nozzles

• Inlet Diameter (in): 1
• Length: 14"
• Weight: 2 lbs

The Bosch HDC300 SDS-max® and Spline Dust-Collection Attachment can help to extract dust when working on most Bosch SDS-max® and spline hammers. It fits most Bosch SDS-max® and spline combination rotary and demolition hammers – with exception of the 11316EVS and DH1020VC SDS-max® demolition hammers. The HDC300 allows the user to access the chisel for installation, removal and adjustment without removing the attachment. The shroud itself focuses air suction from the vacuum around the chisel for maximum dust collection. And thanks to a durable clamping band, the attachment is easy to install and adjust on all the hammers it was designed to fit. The attachment also features a metal extension arm that can be adjusted to position it correctly around the chisel and to accommodate different chisel lengths.

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