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Bosch HE1 Hole Enlarger Kit

Bosch HE1 Hole Enlarger Kit

  • $20.03

Bosch HE1 Specifications:
•  Kit Quantity: 3
•  Fits: 9/16" to 6" Hole Saws
•  Mandrel Size: 3/8"

Bosch HE1 Includes:
•  (1) 3/8" Mandrel
•  (1) Starter Bit
•  (1) Dual Adapter
•  (2) Washers

Bosch HE1 Features:
•  Enlarging a hole is quick and easy with the HE1 Hole Enlarger Kit from Bosch.
•  You use two hole saws, the original saw that you cut the first hole with and the hole saw size you want the new hole to be.
•  You combine both hole saws with the dual adapter and us the mandrel to attach it to your drill.
Insert the first hole saw tip into the hole and start enlarging

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