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Bosch HS1465 1-1/2"x 10" Tile Chisel SDS-plus Bulldog Xtreme Hammer Steel

  • $11.39

• (1) Tile chisel

• Removes material up to 40% quicker than conventional tile chisels
• Ideal for smaller grout joints
• Specially shaped for prying and removing tiles in one piece
• Part of complete Bosch line of SDS-plus® hammer steel points and chisels

• Length: 10.0"
• Quantity: 1

Bosch HS1465 1-1/2" x 10" Tile Chisel SDS-plus® Bulldog™ Xtreme Hammer Steel. Bosch offers a full assortment of SDS-plus® hammer steel points and chisels. Removes tiles at a faster rate with less effort. Flat spade design creates a self-sharpening edge, eliminating downtime.