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Bosch HS1490 5-3/4" Stubby Point Chisel SDS-plus Bulldog Hammer Steel

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• (1) Point chisel

• For use with SDS-Plus drive rotary hammers with stop-rotation, or SDS-Plus drive demolition & chipping hammers
• SDS-Plus Shank
• Starts holes in concrete slabs.

• Type: Stubby Point Chisel
• Size: 5-1/2"
• Bit Material: Alloy Steel
• Chuck Fitment: SDS-Plus

Bosch HS1490 SDS-plus 5-3/4" Stubby Point Chisel Bulldog Hammer Steel. Bosch offers a full assortment of SDS-plus hammer steel points and chisels. New inductive hardening process employed for higher quality. Chisel offers higher wear resistance.

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