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Bosch WC18CF Wireless Battery Charger and Frame

Bosch WC18CF Wireless Battery Charger and Frame

  • $69.00

• (1) Wireless Charging Frame

• Wireless charge batteries anytime and anywhere without ever having to remove it from the tool to always be power ready
• Custom frame makes an easy access customizable charging and storage solution that mounts to any flat surface vertical or horizontal
• Easy to read charge status display
• Compatible with WC18F charger frame and WC18H mobile holster for maximum flexibility

• Battery Voltage: 18
• Cord Length: 3 Feet

Tap into the confidence and flexibility of Bosch wireless charging. Create your optimal charging set up – in between tasks, where you store it, or even as you drive between jobs. Be power ready, anytime, anywhere. The WC18C is compatible with all Bosch 18-Volt wireless charging batteries and includes an easy-to-read charge status indicator. Use it with the BC18F charger frame (included) or BC18H mobile holster for maximum flexibility.

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