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Bosch WC18CHF-101 18V Wireless Charging Starter Kit, Mobile Holster and Frame

  • $231.79

• (1) WCBAT620 18-Volt Wireless Charging Battery
• (1) WC18C Wireless Battery Charger
• (1) WC18F Wireless Charger Frame
• (1) WC18H Wireless Charging Mobile Tool Holster

• Be power ready anytime, anywhere
• Charge the battery while still in tool
• Holster secures IDH182, IWBH182, DDS/HDS182, DDS/HDS181, DDH/HDH181X, 25618 and 24618
• Bosch's long-running wireless 4.0 Ah FatPack battery included
• Frame has battery guide rails to ensure proper alignment
• Battery's CoolPack technology delivers 2X recharge life
• Holster made of durable blow-mold construction
• Charger's status indicator lets users monitor charging
• Holster works with Sortimo® mobile shelving for toolless mounting
• Battery's LED indicator that shows state of charge
• Charger's Foreign Object Detection stops charger from activating needlessly
• Charger ensures proper charge and a long battery life
• Frame

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